I think ea should make a new Mysims a mysims that you live in a town named [your choice] you come to this town because you are a reporter and you are trying to solve the mystery of the stolen emereld from sir vincint skullfinder's museum, the emereld was from a  indangered civilistation. then if you find it you continue the the game and you can live in the town and get married and start a family. like after you find the emereld you can pick if you want to stay in the town if you do it says three years later then you have a kid. but when you find the emereld you can pick from six bachelors and bachelorettes they are 


chaz, buddy, travis, terence, luke, jack


violet, poppy, DJ candy, amethest, selena, renee 


                          terence, luke, jack amethest, selena, and renee are new people that we made up,

                                                               so please tell people and maybe there will be a new mysims game coming out soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

                                                         TELL PEOPLE PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

if you think there should be a new game plz say in comments you got my vote.

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